Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Apple

This week at my office, we are starting our Bloomsday training gala.  Our goal is for the combined office to run and walk 2,576 miles - the distance from Spokane to New York City.  January 30 is the first day, so to kick off the "trip" to the Big Apple, we decided to put an apple on everyone's desk.  I whipped up these flags to jazz up each apple so no one thought we confused them for a teacher.  I think these would be cute as party favors in the fall!

I started by making a quick document with a NYC graphic and a little saying.  After printing a couple sheets, I cut them into little strips and cut triangles out of the ends for full banner effect.  For a little depth, I cut red delicious paper strips about the same width, but half as long.  Then, of course, I gathered toothpicks, double sided tape, and some apples!

Assembly was so easy, Granny Smith could do it blindfolded (okay, I'm done with the apple references).  Layer white paper, strip of tape across the center, red paper a little off the center line, toothpick in the center, and fold it all in half like a flag sandwich.  Repeat 23 more times.  The finished product:

So after apple assembly, the scrumptious little fruits were put on everyone's desk.  Now, doesn't it just make you want to start logging the miles to get to the Big Apple?

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