Monday, February 20, 2012


It's been a week.  A whole 7 days since we last spoke.  Know why?  Our trusty computer died.  It was like it suffered a heart attack.  After all, it was ancient for a computer - 7 human years old.  Isn't that like 70 computer years or something?  Anyway, one day, just working away, humming it's tune, it went black.  And refused to turn back on.  So we prayed, begged, and threatened to replace it.  We called Carl the Computer King.  No good, it was finished.  Toast.  Kaput.

Let me tell you, we are computer dependent in this house.  It's ridiculous.  Our computer died, so our first thought was to go online and shop for a new one...except the computer was dead!  It was so strange on our forced computer fast.  In fact, we realized how much we relied on this little machine.  So this weekend we went on a computer shopping adventure.  The new one has all the bells and whistles that are apparently standard now, but we didn't have before, like a built in camera and microphone for video chats.  And it's fast.  We didn't know our old one was slow until we saw the speed new ones have.  But the best part of all?  IT TURNS ON.

So, we're back at this blog thing - for at least another 7 years!

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